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27 NOV 2020


Almost every business in the world today is taking steps to heighten their online presence; as a restaurant business, it is always good to keep a close eye on online trends to stay a step ahead of the game and keep customers engaged with your brand. We live in a digital world that is becoming even more digitized due to the recent pandemic with customers spending more time online. As a result, businesses are increasingly looking for e-commerce solutions to make their products easily accessible. So, why not take advantage of this trend?

Here are 5 reasons why having an online store will benefit your restaurant:

Customers love convenience.

Millennials are the highest spending generation in 2020 and are highly influenced by the media (Biz journal, 2020). They are increasingly looking for products that offer value for money and are transparent on social media about their experiences. As a restaurant owner, quality is key; but if you pair quality with the convenience of ordering online, it makes for a winning strategy

In general, most customers have jumped onboard with online food ordering and have a higher demand for takeaways and home delivery. An online store can easily allow your customers to select menu items with no hassle, customize it and check out without having to queue up or make a phone call to place an order.

Be visually appealing and stimulating to hungry customers.

As the saying goes “The first bite is with the eye”. Hence, allowing your customer to visit your online store and order through a visually appealing menu will instantly get them ordering more food than they didn’t know they wanted. You can also create regular eye-catching content of menu items on social media and link it back to your online store to order instantly.

Valuable data helps you make better decisions.

The core of a restaurant’s success lies in its loyal customer base. However, most restaurants only identify their loyal customers by a face or name. appiGo’s eCommerce solution lets you go beyond that by capturing your customer's purchase history and ordering preferences. This data lets you plan and send targeted promotions to your valuable customers to get them coming back for more.

Having an order history helps you identify purchase patterns , what items are performing well and what isn’t, in order to know where to focus your marketing efforts. Suggestions on targeted promotions include promo codes and special offers such as combo deals which can be communicated by email or social media.

The sky's the limit

Given the ongoing pandemic, people are advised to avoid outdoor activities. This is bad news if your locale is preventing you from conducting business as usual due to an ongoing curfew or mobility restriction. An online store can easily address this issue when customers submit their requests online and have it delivered with the right safety measures in place.

Strengthen your brand Identity

Creating a solid brand identity for your restaurant will help you capture more customers. Having your own online store will enable you to do this by presenting your brand in a captivating way, unlike with delivery aggregators. As a restaurant owner, making great-tasting food is key but so is reflecting on who you are as a business by communicating your values that help customers to recognize you Once you have their attention, it will give you more time to focus on the amazing products you offer.

appiGo’s team of experts specializes in creating clean and crisp interfaces to display your products with a trusted payment gateway through HNB for online transactions. Your menu items can be displayed with a simple click while allowing the freedom to make customized orders.

Click on “Get a Free Demo” below to begin your eCommerce journey and earn more.

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