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COVID 19 Online ordering solution appiGo
Be online - Article
27 NOV 2020


Your business earnings are more important than ever in these trying times. The country is currently fighting its way towards controlling the spread of COVID 19 through prevention, detection and strict protocols to minimize the impact on the economy. As a business owner your concerns would lie in supporting your employees, creating a definite need for your product and keeping your business afloat. All of this while also ensuring that proper safety measures are in place. That’s a lot of tasks to handle at the same time.

Online shopping has become a global trend and is expected to rise in Sri Lanka (Daily News, 2020).

The good news is that Sri Lanka is no longer a stranger to e-commerce. More and more people increasingly identify the convenience of products arriving at their doorstep. This has triggered most businesses to create their own web store. The benefits of this range from reducing operational costs to time-saving for customers.

So, do you want to reach more customers by selling online?

The term ‘online’ may sound a bit daunting. Well, you've got nothing to fear, as we expertise in helping businesses of any size take their business online.

The Right Solution to Head in the Right Direction.

Having a reliable technology provider is crucial before venturing into e-commerce. You need to ensure that the internet payment gateway (which allows customers to pay online) is a reliable source that can cater to multiple payment mediums.

Analytics to monitor sales performance and stock management to prevent shortages are crucial features of an online ordering system. These features will ensure that you have all the essential information to make the right business decisions.

A great place to start when creating an online store to accept orders is to list down the key requirements and problems you plan to solve with this feature. For instance, converting dine-in customers to regulars, reducing time spent taking orders through calls or collecting more orders by sharing your store URL.

Building Trust and Continuous Improvement.

Research shows that customer reviews are 12 times more trusted than your own business description (Econsultancy, 2020).

Online shopping has evolved to the point where people rely heavily on reviews & recommendations. If your business receives negative reviews, don’t get discouraged. Respond to them, engage with your customers, and continuously improve your product/service.

Valuable content can benefit your business in multiple ways. Conducting competitor research to find out how your product can stand out, creating meaningful content and engaging with customers will give a sense of authority to your brand. Customers enjoy building relationships with brands, so interact with them on a regular basis and post often on social media.

Retention over Attraction.

“It can cost five times more to attract a new customer, than it does to retain an existing one”- Forbes, 2019.

Find tactics to improve the lifetime value of regular customers. For example, your restaurant might be listed on a number of aggregator apps who charge a thumping amount of commissions. This results in customers paying higher prices for their orders. Having your own web-store eliminates this burden. Customers will pay the actual amount and experience personalized ordering free from distractions. Yet, it is your responsibility to ensure that the customer journey is handled swiftly from start to end. A happy customer is sure to recommend you to others and turn loyal to your brand.

Here at appiGo, we understand the concerns you may have when trying to find an affordable solution when the income isn’t coming in like it used to. This is why our solutions cost a fraction of what it would to have a fully-functional ordering website anywhere else. , What’s more, we offer powerful analytics, give you full ownership of data and offer a live sales dashboard to keep your business informed on its progress.

Visit our website to find out more on how to easily take your business online, earn more and reach new customers.

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